Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

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Early on when Thea With Love was just an idea, we decided we were committed to creating beautifully designed swaddles and garments using breathable fabrics which were also ethically and sustainably manufactured. After months of searching for a textile printer and manufacturer who held the same ethical position as us, we finally came across SREE KANAGA DURGAA TEXTILES, a wonderful company in India.  

In 2018, Jan embarked on a journey to visit the company. When she arrived at their factory she was impressed by their skill and dedication when it came to sustainably manufacturing textiles to the highest standards which were also organic and free from harsh chemicals and toxins. She also witnessed the company’s socially responsible practice in their cultivation of a relaxed atmosphere in the workplace; paying employees above the living wage with other entitlements such as holiday, sick leave and paid overtime. This dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility is evidenced with their SCOPE CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 22-389464 In partnering with this ethical company, we can proudly guarantee that your little one’s swaddles and garments are not only safe and soft for their tender skin, but also eco-friendly and sustainable for their future.