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Impact Of Our Purchasing Decisions

Impact Of Our Purchasing Decisions

Do you ever look at the tag on the clothing you purchase to see what it is made of? We feel it’s really important to think about clothing in the same way you consider the labels on the food you eat.

A consciousness of what’s in your clothing has far reaching impacts. Not only for you and your babies, but also for the lives of flora and fauna, marine life and really, the future of our planet.

Here are some basic but icky facts for you:

  • Synthetics such as polyester, acrylic, nylon and elastane are made using fossil fuels, non-renewable resources and are essentially made of plastic.
  • Every time synthetic material is washed, minute fibres are released which then travel into waterways, adding to the devastating increase of plastic pollution in our precious oceans…
  • Most of the plastic materials in your children’s bedding and clothing is elastane and the annual global elastane production is at a mind-blowing 330,000 tonnes.
  • It doesn’t end there, these microplastics are accruing in the food chain, they are ingested by marine life and even us!

We must admit, prior to the creation of our precious babies, grandbabies and Thea With Love, environmental considerations didn’t play a role in our in our purchasing decisions… we didn’t fully know of or understand what impact our purchasing decisions were having.

However, this has since changed! We have educated ourselves on the impact that the clothing industry has on our environment, the waterways and consequently our children’s future.

We came together and really thought about what we wanted and decided to avoid using synthetic blends as much as possible (such as the commonly used elastane) in our garments.

What this means is that we’ve put extra love and effort into creating quality made, environmentally sustainable clothing, swaddles and bedding. A by product of this is that every Thea With Love item is a heirloom purchase. It will last the test of time and more than one baby! We love to think our swaddles and clothing will be passed on as pre-loved items.

This is something we’re passionate about so stay tuned and we will write more about this soon.

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $180 away from free shipping.
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