Knitted Baby Blankets Heirloom and Classic


Our Heirloom Cotton Knit Baby Blankets and Classic Cotton Knit Baby Blankets are well crafted, durable and made from 100% cotton, making them a beautiful keepsake that will last the test of time. Available in caramel, sage grey, pastel pink, blush, misty blue and white; each colour has been selected to compliment our exclusive Australian designs. Our cotton knit blankets are the perfect accessory for any expectant parent.

Heirloom Cotton Knit Blankets : size 80 x 100cm - scalloped edge

Classic Cotton Knit Blanket : size 100 x 100cm - gender neutral straight edge 

Our cotton knits are not made with a polyester blend. Polyester is plastic. It is not compostable or biodegradable. It breaks down into microplastics and enters the waterways!

NOTE : Colours may vary slightly from images due to monitors