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Deluxe Gift Packaging Box - Red Ribbon

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Note: boxes are not sold separately as a flat pack.

Note: If you choose just one to three items to be packed into the large box ($16.00) and we feel that the small box is more suited to the items in size and weight then we will refund you the difference of $2.00 and pack your items in the small box for ($14.00) 

It is not viable for us to send a few small items in a large box due to high postage costs and packaging.

Our Deluxe Gift Box - Red Ribbon is elegant and stylish. With a smooth matte embossed finish inside and out, a secure snap closure and topped with the most beautiful rose pink bow, our gift box is the perfect choice for you when you want to send a Thea With Love gift to your loved ones.

Choose your box and the items that you would like placed in the box. We cover your items with tissue paper and seal with a Thea With Love sticker. If you would like to send a message this will be added to the gift box.

L34 x W24.5 x D10CM  -  Large

L25.5 x W19 x D9.5 CM - Small